Island Issues

Rat Lungworm, the Update, Part 1, with Dr. Jon Martell and Dr. Susan Jarvi

Following our Dec. 10 rebroadcast of the 2015 talk story with Dr. Jon Martell of Hilo Medical Center and Dr. Susan Jarvi of UH Hilo College of Pharmacy, we recorded an update a few weeks ago, to ...Read more

Rat Lungworm–the basics with Dr Jon Martell, Dr Susan Jarvi, Marlena Dixon

We begin our updates on angiostrongylus, rat lungworm, a truly horrific disease, with a rebroadcast of our 2015 basics with Dr. Jon Martell of Hilo Medical Center, Dr Susan Jarvi of UH Hilo College ...Read more

Japanese Internment in Hawaii and on the Mainland

December 7, 1941–a day that will live in infamy, as President Franklin D. Roosevelt said at the time–was the bombing at Pearl Harbor, and the impetus for the US to imprison more than ...Read more

Homelessness–a solution? with State Senator Josh Green

State Sen. Josh Green (Kona, Ka’u) is head of the State Senate Committee on Human Services and on the Housing and Hawaiian Affairs Committee.  Working with the heads of Queen’s Medical ...Read more

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade TV Broadcast, with Bill Bracken

This is the 91st year for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Three million watch in person, and 25 million on NBC…which includes thousands in Hawaii.  That’s especially cool ...Read more

Ala Kahakai Trail with Aric Arakaki (National Parks) and Ulu Ching

The Ala Kahakai Trail is an ancient trail that goes around the shoreline of Hawaii Island.  Part of it, the whole west side of Hawaii Island through Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, has been put ...Read more

Hawaii County Water–What’s the Latest on the Broken Wells???

Keith Okamoto, head of Hawaii County Department of Water Supply, sat down with Island Issues host Sherry Bracken and talked about the four North Kona wells that are currently out of service (out of ...Read more

Hawaii County Civil Defense, with Administrator Talmadge Magno

Hawaii Island is subject to a myriad of natural disasters–earthquakes, volcanic flows, tsunami, and more–plus potentially, man-made disasters such as a nuclear bomb (unlikely though ...Read more

Office of Mauna Kea Management with Stephanie Nagata

The University of Hawaii at Hilo is tasked with stewardship of part of the top of Mauna Kea, including the science reserve.  Stephanie Nagata, with the Office of Mauna Kea Management for 17 years, ...Read more

Hilo Medical Center, Part 2, with CEO Dan Brinkman

Dan Brinkman, CEO of Hilo Medical Center and Island Issues host Sherry Bracken conclude their conversation, covering physician recruitment, infections in the hospital,  financials, the local ...Read more