Island Issues

The Weather! with Kevin Kodama, National Weather Serviced

Hilo’s Kevin Kodama is with NOAA/National Weather Service/Central Pacific Hurricane Center in Honolulu.  He shares the recently-released forecast for winter and talks about records broken ...Read more

Energy Advocate Henry Curtis

Henry Curtis, an Oahu-based blogger and energy advocate who works with the PUC at times and also intervenes in many PUC dockets, shares his thoughts about energy on the island, the Nextera-HEI ...Read more

Sexual Assault on Hawaii Island

Hawaii Island’s rate of sexual assault is not different from other places (sadly) but we’ll talk with island experts to learn about the problem and what resources are available.  ...Read more

Hawaii Island Energy Coop and Kaua’i Island Utility Coop,Part 2

Marco Manglesdorf of the proposed Hawaii Island Energy Coop and David Bissell, CEO of the Kaua’i Island Utility Coop and host Sherry Bracken complete the conversation which began September ...Read more

Hawaii Island Energy Coop and Kaua’i Island Utility Coop

In the face of the possible purchase of Hawaiian Electric Industries, some think an energy cooperative on Hawaii Island is one alternative.  We talk with Marco Manglesdorf of the proposed Hawaii ...Read more


Jay Ignacio, President of HELCO (Hawaii Electric Light Co.) and Eric Gleason of NEXTERA Transmission (NEXTERA wants to purchase Hawaiian Electric Industries) tell us more. Air Date:  September 13, ...Read more

US Senator Brian Schatz

We talked with Sen. Brian Schatz Thursday, September 3 at Hilo’s Nani Mau Botanical Gardens to get the update on how he’s approaching his job and ask him about issues pressing to Hawaii ...Read more

Two Oregon Humane Societies

Dean Cox, Director of The Columbia Humane Society in St. Helen, Oregon — one of the smallest in the state–and David Lyttle of  Oregon Humane Society in Portland, the largest in the ...Read more

Big Island Dog Rescue and KARES

Tasi Autele of Big Island Dog Rescue and Debbie Cravatta of KARES (Kohala Animal Relocation and Education Service) talk about shipping animals to the mainland for adoption, spaying and neutering, ...Read more