Island Issues

Mayor Billy Kenoi; State of the County in April, 2016

Mayor Billy Kenoi may be having some legal challenges right now, but is still the Mayor until December 5, 2016.  We ask whether he plans to resign; about the budget, capital improvement project ...Read more

Hawaii Department of Ag Chair Scott Enright, Part 2

Hawaii Island resident Scott Enright became Chair and Director of State Department of Agriculture under Gov. Neil Abercrombie and was reappointed by Gov. David Ige.  Scott talks more about ...Read more

Hawaii Agriculture, with State Ag Chair Scott Enright, Part 1

Scott Enright lives on Hawaii Island and serves in Gov. David Ige’s cabinet as head of Agriculture.  The two part talk story airs Sun. Mar. 20 and Sun. April 3, with topics including ...Read more

State Agriculture Land Use Study, Part 2, with Jeff Melrose plus State Ag Chair Scott Enright

We continue our conversation with Jeff Melrose about the study he and UH Hilo produced about agriculture land use in the state.  State Department of Agriculture Chair Scott Enright tells us why he ...Read more

State Agriculture Land Use Study with Jeff Melrose, Part 1

Land use planner Jeff Melrose worked with UH Hilo to create a statewide agriculture land use study, the first update since 1980 (35 years).  In Part 1 of 2, Jeff talks about the study and what ...Read more

The Voyaging Canoe Hokule’a with Navigators Chadd Paishon and Ka’iulani Murphy

We spoke with Hokule’a navigators Chadd Paison (of Waimea) and Ka’iulani Murphy (from Waimea, now a professor at Honolulu Community College) back in 2013 before the ...Read more

Dengue and the Emergency Public Health Declarations

On Friday, Feb 12 at 2 p.m., Gov. David Ige announced he was declaring a public health emergency for “mosquito-borne illnesses.”  He mentioned only Zika, not dengue, but the ...Read more

Rat Lungworm Disease –what it is, how to prevent

Learn the easy steps  to protect yourself against the truly horrific Rat Lungworm Disease, with UH Hilo College of Pharmacy researcher Dr. Susan Jarvi (she’s the country’s foremost ...Read more

The Ocean, Climate Change, and Disease with Dr. Drew Harvell

Dr. Drew Harvell is a professor at Cornell University in New York.  She works with Kohala Center on ocean health, and has done extensive studies of the impact of warming oceans and the spread of ...Read more

All About Mosquitoes with Mike Banfield

Mike Banfield worked as a mosquito control expert in the Yukon Territory after getting his Masters in Pest Management–and now he has licensed a mosquito trap developed by the U. S. ...Read more