Wastewater 2018, Part 1 with Bill Kucharski

We will be airing future interviews with Hawaii County Environmental Management Commission Chair Dr. Rick Bennett and Steve Holmes, former wastewater guru from City and County of Honolulu, so first we get a grounding about Hawaii County wastewater with Department of Environmental Management head Bill Kucharski, in an interview that first aired in July, 2017.

Air Date:  April 15, 2018

  • Matthew J Cintas

    Seepage Pits (a new name for a giant cesspool) have been wrongly APPROVED to be used at the Kohanaiki Resort . 30 Feet deep and 12′ wide filled with wastewater are easily investigated with a gps to be below sea level are polluting the water table and anchialine pond system surrounding the area . Unbelievable that county planners (Keola Childs) approved the location 0f a private wastewater treatment plant AND seepage pits only 10′ away from the only public access road leading to O’oma and Pine trees Beach parks.
    The anchialine ponds surrounding the resort are polluted and the once prolific opae ula endemic to only a few places on earth are gone from the area except for one pond that the resort accidentally collapsed the connecting lava tube connection to it. Along with wastewater the resort pumps into ponds they also introduced Mosquito eating “Guppies” to keep guests unbitten while golfing. Unfortunately because of their introduction the few remaining opae are now entirely gone. Residents have experienced many symptoms related to wastewater entering the shoreline with cases of Flesh eating bacteria and flu-like sicknesses reported regularly but never published.