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Island Issues

Aloha to Island Issues

Island Issues with Sherry Bracken debuted on December 5, 2004, with an interview with then (and now) Hawaii County Mayor Harry Kim.  Since then, I have posted more than 700 in-depth discussions with politicians, scientists, […]

Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Geologist Frank Trusdell–the newest lava map

Hawaiian Volcano has published a preliminary “how thick is the lava” map showing the summer, 2018 lava flow in lower Puna.  It’s pretty interesting, and USGS HVO geologist Frank Trusdell explains what this preliminary map […]

Dr. Drew Harvell, Ocean Health, Part 2 PLUS a new lava thickness map

Dr. Drew Harvell, professor at Cornell University and also working with the Big Island’s Kohala Center, was our guest last in 2016.  In 2019, she updates us on some of the infectious diseases she and […]